Feeling Overwhelmed as You Face a Major Life Transition?

Struggling to cope with unexpected life changes like marriage challenges or job loss?


Seeking fresh perspectives to lighten the load of responsibilities such as caring for elderly parents or raising teenagers?


Embarking on a thrilling journey of relocating or buying your first home and need guidance to navigate it smoothly?

Transitional coaching for individuals and groups


The life, career, and relationships of your dreams don’t happen from outside of you – they happen from within you! Using a holistic approach, let me help you discover your secret weapon for increased confidence, fulfillment, and resilience.

Transitional coaching is a powerful tool to turn life changes into transformational experiences.


By discovering your strengths and weaknesses, developing skills to navigate change, and reflecting on your journey, you can ignite meaningful change in your life. This self-awareness and growth can unlock your potential, empowering you to create a future defined by resilience, fulfillment, and success.


  • Develop resilience by learning how to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and personal development.
  • Navigate difficulties with strategies to overcome hurdles and continue progressing toward your goals.
  • Reconnect with your inner self to ensure you remain true to your values and ambitions.
  • Shape your future by directing your path according to your desires and aspirations, making your life truly your own.

Available Packages

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Jump start your new plans with the weekly program. Consistently practicing new behaviors and reinforcing your plan on a weekly basis is proven to be the fastest way to see transformation. With the option of meeting in person or via video/phone session makes this possible even with a busy schedule.


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Feeling overwhelmed? Feel like you just can’t get it all done? Then the bi-weekly schedule might be a good fit for you. You still get the benefit of consistency and rhythm of meeting every other week with a little more space between sessions to process and work on suggested action items.


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Individual sessions are available to those who are not quite ready to commit to long term or scheduled appointments. They may be utilized as a check in or tune up or added to any ongoing monthly packages. These sessions may be scheduled on an “as needed” basis and therefore reduce the added worry or stress of your daily life.


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My group sessions are an excellent way for you and your team to get the coaching and focus that you’ll need in order to help you succeed. I can customize a 1 or 2 day workshop or even a 12-week program with your group, which will include exercises to promote your learning and growth. This is a cost-effective way to reach your goals and address your needs. (MIN 5 / MAX 15 within a group)


How Transitional Coaching Works

The power to transform a big change into a positive, enriching experience lies in your hands, and I want to help guide you through the journey as your life transitions coach.


We always start with your WHY. All behavior is driven by internal needs that serve a purpose. Create a purpose and mission statement that will be your foundation from which all your decisions will come. This allows you to thrive from a purpose-driven space.


We use analytical tools to provide insight into what drives your behaviors. These include MBTI, VIA Character Strengths, Holland Code, Positive Psychology exercises, CTI Fundamentals, CPI 260 Leadership Assessment, Strengthsfinder, Pro Social Matrix, and Restitution Theory.


While you might think “branding” is only for companies, branding yourself is a powerful component of creating a life that works for you. As a life transitional coach, I clearly see the similarities between managing a brand and managing changes in your life, career, and relationships.

Just as a brand communicates its essence to the world, your life can reflect who you truly are and what you stand for. Branding your life involves defining your mission, vision, and values – much like a company would – and considering them as you navigate life’s changes.


Once you know your why, understand what drives you, and are confident in your “brand,” you can take action from a place of confidence. Whether you find yourself in the middle of an unexpected transition or foresee one coming that you want to be ready for, I am here for you with 1:1 or couples transitional coaching support.

How To Get Started


Let’s start with a free consultation.
During your introductory phone session, we will ensure transitional coaching is a good fit and that you are ready to take the first step toward making the changes you seek.

  • I respect and value time, money, and energy, and transitional life coaching is a commitment of all three, so it’s important to make sure it’s a good fit for you. 
  • I admire those who seek out the help they need, and I will be your advocate, helping you identify goals that are in alignment with your values and holding you accountable to the objectives you set.
  • I will stay objective and curious while often pushing for more from you than you might be able to see for yourself to ensure you navigate big changes with resilience and reach your full potential.


Enlightening and effective!
My experience with Amy was enlightening, effective, productive, and successful. This was the first time I had truly taken the time to write down my strengths and goals. I recommend her coaching to men and women who find themselves in a “rut” or those re-entering the workforce in a new direction. Once you start working with Amy, you will have more clarity and direction for your dreams, goals and passions.
Stephanie D.
Financial Services

I have clarity and focus.
Working with Amy has brought me clarity and focus! I have learned I can trust my intuition and my life has become so much more joyful and fulfilling. Ease, grounded, delighted and ready for the next steps is how I feel after our sessions.
Lisabeth M.
Business Owner - CEO


Specifically, Counseling is conducted by a professional educated and licensed in psychological issues and therapies with a diagnostic quality. Typically, counseling is addressing past experiences that have brought about pain and uses a variety of therapeutic techniques for healing traumas and personality disorders.

Coaching is regulated by the ICF – International Coaching Federation which upholds the integrity of the practice.

Trained and certified coaches offer a “co-active” partnership; present focused and forward thinking, empowering, goal oriented, mindset and strategy work. Coaching is working with Naturally Creative Resourceful and Whole individuals. Coaching is not directive advice(unless specifically consulting) Nor therapy, though it does address specific personal projects and issues, business goals and general situations in the client’s current life & profession. Services include clarification of values, brainstorming, developing a mission and identifying plans of action toward these goals. With clarifying questions and empowering requests, the objective is to bring the client to new awareness and shifts in perspective that bring about sustainable positive change that does not waiver and always comes from within the individual.

I hold a BA in Advertising and Psychology and CPCC certification from Global CTI, which is regulated by the ICF, – International Coaching Federation. They are the governing body over the coaching industry and require substantial continuing education to stay current with certification. This ensures the quality and integrity of the practice of coaching. I have also completed both basic and advanced Mediation training through the Texas Dispute Resolution Center. Neuroscience Academy Certification, ProSocial Training/Workshop, CPI 260 Leadership tool through MBTI along with continuing education courses every year.

The journey of my career, businesses and life experiences over the last 25years is what I believe brings tremendous value to my work. There is a saying … “You can’t take a client somewhere you haven’t been”. Well, my journey has led me to many incredible places and challenges I have faced. Here are some of the areas of life that I can offer real firsthand perspective:

  • Career transitions – new job search to negotiating promotions and leadership opportunities
  • Small business ownership – how to start and grow a business from the ground up
  • Financial planning – budgeting and strategies for short- and long-term goals
  • Buying and selling real estate – investment properties
  • A women’s relationship with money & success
  • Marriage and growing careers while starting a family
  • Getting through a stressful divorce with young children
  • Raising 2 boys as primary parent and single mom
  • Addressing challenges such as: ADHD, fear & anxiety
  • Health and Wellness Programs – Pilates instructor and studio owner, workshops and retreats. 
  • Navigating dating as a single parent
  • Addressing loved one’s addiction & recovery

The timing of the process depends on many factors – seeking a new job, in the middle of a life transition, rising the corporate ladder; whatever the goals, these are big changes that take time. However, I can promise you with the effort you put into this work you will begin to reap the benefits weekly and subtly see a shift in your effectiveness with ease. I have witnessed this time and time again and as a guideline I suggest a three- to six-month commitment to the process.

Coaching can bring about significant change “in all areas of your life” as an active participant. I am goal-directed and at every session will bring focus to your goals and work as your advocate and partner to get you there. As your Coach, I am acutely listening, using intuition and focus on your situation. I am able to make connections and pose questions that open up new perspectives while being straightforward and honest about what I see.

Trusted Guide – Advocate – Truth-teller – Champion

In terms of results, I believe that the quality of life is defined by the quality of your relationships. The transformation that my clients realize is not just in their career life, but it is a shift in the quality of their relationship with themselves as well as those they hold dear in their life.