Fun photo of Amy Catherine Chibib in a Yellow Dress

My Journey...

My journey has not always been easy. Divorce and raising children as a single mom while managing a career, finances, and maintaining a healthy balance is a challenge that has given me much strength and courage. There have been times when I was unsure about the next steps and couldn’t find my authentic voice. I’ve had to learn how to trust myself and believe I had what it takes to powerfully move forward and make my dreams a reality! Gratefully, through all of this, I have found much joy in the process and a real passion for helping people grow and transform.

It’s not that I have the right resume or all the answers…it’s that I’ve done the hard work and I am confident in coaching my clients to grow through their own journey of life’s challenges and transitions. I hold a strong curiosity, objective listening skills and a quick ability to find connections that reveal truths that shed light on your path. Not to mention guidance, encouragement and a deep desire to witness your success!

Let me help you create a life that works!

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